Men Piss In Public

Mistress Gaia – Champagne Funnel

I have a new slave that would like to worship me, and I have decided to give him a chance. As I pull up a chair, I order him to crawl on his hands and knees to me. He must show me how obedient he is, as I tell him to lick my stiletto heels. I then get him to lie on his back and allow him to smell my beautiful ass, I know he is aroused, as he begins to touch his cock. I warn him that he must not play with himself unless I give him permission. After he’s finished sniffing my ass, I tease my slut as I sit astride on the chair looking down on him. He’s so pathetic, and I tell him what a small cock he has. However, I want to give him a little treat for his efforts to please me. I get him to open his mouth and give him my delicious shit. I tell him to make sure he chews and swallows it all. Then it’s time for him to wash it down. With him still on his back, I get s funnel and put it into his mouth. It’s amusing as he’s still coping with some of my shit. My slut is so lucky, he’s going to receive my special champagne. I begin to pee and my bitch struggles to swallow, as my amber nectar fills the funnel. I warn him he must not spill any, as he’s so fortunate to be allowed to taste my delicious amber nectar and empty his Champagne funnel…

Shit And New Toy

I bought a new dildo and I said to my cameraman, we need to make a new film, I’m so horny.Okay, let’s go.I wear a black nylon overal and a blue dress…I will attach the dildo to the glass table and I will suck.Then I fuck with it my horny pussy and push out shit. Shit spread all over the dildo and then suck and lick. I’m all excited and want to get shit from my cameraman. He stands over me and pushes the shit on my breasts.I have to lick his dirty ass. He wants to fuck my dirty pussy and I want to orgasm…

Long And Heavy ~ebonyscatprincess

After being constipated for so long.. I finally got my hands on some apples.. and just watch how long yet so heavy all this poop is that comes outta my little body – is actually 3 minutes long