Men Shit On Her

Mistress Roberta -covering My Pot In Shit Part2

I sit confortable on the bed rising my legs up to shit a big load of soft shit on all the head and neck to make him ful of shit and when i see that the shit fell down i took it and spread it on his body and order him to suck my heels while he eats, enjoy.

Toilet Custom

This is a custom video, the following is the client’s scene description: “I would like our custom to be a poo video with you sitting on the toilet. Instead of having the camera facing the front I want it to face behind you  at an angle with both of your hands spreading your asshole wide open. Continue to keep your asshole spread while you fart and poop. Finally I want you to be talking dirty using words like poop hole, shithole, rectum, bootyhole, asshole, butt crack, etc. I basically just want you to sit down on the toilet spreading your asshole open. Then push all the gas and shit out of your booty and talk dirty about your booty and poo throughout the video.”(GIF doesn’t represent quality of the video! Actual clip is HD 1080p)

Monster Shit Sausage For The Slave Under The Toilet Chair! Part 2

Part 2: Here I have one of my toilet slaves, which was below the toilet chair and there had to sleep, a monster shit ausage, shitting in his mouth, in my morning, toileting! During the record-breaking shit sausage plopped into his mouth, I had to pee and also I pissed him doing well in his mouth. Thereafter, the slave had to eat completely the big shit sausage. He was then totally exhausted, had to almost throw up and was close to fainting! This perverse mouth shit and shit-eating video, you can see from 3 camera angles!

Scat Crush

I scat a small heap (a little pee comes naturally) and crush it with my gorgeous red Hells