Men Shitting On Each Other

Madame Du B Piss And Shit Meal

Every morning when she wakes up Madame Du B likes to take a nice dump but to her surprise her lazy shit pig didn’t fix the toilet for her to use. So she uses his mouth and throat instead and delivers some nice warm piss and some nice chocolate turds for him to consume. She even gives him the honor to lick the shit off her hand after she wiped. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed.

Scat Blowjob

This the second part of the dirty english Amateur Scat Couple. Very hot and horny Scat scene.

White Granny Panties. Back View Shit Over Toilet

Emma is wearing a beige bra and big white granny panties. She gives a view of her backside in front of the side of toilet. Earlier she took a laxative. Emma did not know the laxative would work so fast. ItÂ’s supposed to be overnight not one hour. This is the reason why she is moaning. Her stomach hurts. She pulls her panties down and descends her bottom just above the toilet seat. Then plop! Solid poop logs shoot out. A lot of pee sprays out. Emma sits on the toilet to rest a bit. She wipes and shows the audience the yellow stains on the white toilet paper. Emma then shows you the mess in the toilet and the shit on the floor.