Men Who Shit In Private

Watering The Plants

With champagne and water

Tasting Shit

Jane is a Scat Lover Girl who eats her own shit. You have to see it….

249 Sausage Big Poo (with Potatoes, Tomato, Onion)

Cocked by my private chef today i eat a very tastefull dish with SAUSAGS and cold salade of potatoes, fresh tomatoes, onion… because I know you like to see HOW is my POO the day after…. I do a new clip abouth. The TURD I do is very long, not so ard and not so soft, beautifull consistence, perfect to eat and very SMELLING. Before the turd you can ear also a very nice FLATULENCE from my ass and during my Divine Poo a lot of PEE. A clip very full of emotions!!!!! MP4 mobile and pc version. Enjoy! Another clip for your culinary art collection…!

After Eating Hot Dogs At Work!

I ate a few of hot dogs earlier and now i’m at work having to pay for it! I also drank a redbull and I think that also makes my shit go right through me 🙂 Watch as I sit on the toilet in the employee bathroom and spread my legs so you can see the delicious poop come right out of my cute butthole…and OH! My pussy is also so creamy from watching porn earlier (did I mention I work at a sex shop 😉