Mens Forced Eating Shit Girls

Mistress Roberta – Eat From My Smeared Leather Pants – Part 2

After i order to my pot to lay down i go and pee on his cock and shit on his head filling the whole face with shit after i smear the leather pants with shit and order to my pot to lick clean the shit from my pants with his tongue and after i get bored of him i leave him to clean the place.

Peeing On His Hand

Peeing on his hand (JJ000136)

I Did It!

I am on vacation in a marvelous holiday resort. Below me there is a guy who is getting on my nerves all the time. He is so snobby! He is a physics professor, I have heard. And I thought to myself that I’d like to teach him a lesson about gravity. That’s exactly what he deserves! But I was very surprised about the way he reacted. What an old bastard!