Messy Dirty Poo

My Neighbor And I Do A Dirty 69! – Full Movie

My hot neighbor got locked out of her apartment so I let her spend the night at my pad. She tells me we can fuck just to thank me for keeping her safe and sound. So she sits on my face and we do a 69. She rubs her ass on me and then pushes out chunks of smelly scat, right into my open mouth. She feeds me the chunks which I swallow with utmost delight.

Piss Swallow -frida-albert-gitta-man

Great Peemovie with lot of pee on each other and real good acteurs.

My Shit With Lots Of Protein

So now it is really dirty. He I shit on my kitchen table and then I prepare myself with two eggs or a protein drink. It is not like you think you can yes. Mix the two together and I let me taste it.