Messy Girl Farts

Francesca’s Come Sit At My Feet And Watch Me Explode!!

Francesca allows you to worship at her knees as she grunts plops and strains in two FUNKY clips!! Enjoy as she rushes to sit down only to find she is out of Toilet paper!! She discusses her frustration that sometimes itÂ’s hard for her get a lot of shit out, where other times it is. ENjoy some nice plops and sharts as well. In the second, enjoy more ass blasts and plops. Two great FUNKY new clips from one of my original FUNKY ladies!

Acute Long Heap!

strong dollop! intense piss!

Want A Taste?

(NO AUDIO) Get a nice view of my shitty cheeks as slowly push out a deliciously wet poop. I honestly wish i could push out turds like this all the time. Oh yeah I forgot I got into a squat pushing out of the rest of my wet poop, then took a folk and played with it a little getting a good whiff of something slightly sweet.