Messy Puke Vomit

Our Teacher Is A Toilet Slave

For years we have been using this lecherous newt as a toilet, the old bag is unconditionally devoted to us. As a teacher he failed, as a slave he is much more useful to us. I am in the classroom with Jane a little earlier, together we prepare his breakfast which consists of shit, snot and piss. He can eat it all right in front of us. Old man always does what we tell him to, so school is fun.

Shit On The Bed2

I really wanted to shit I want to make it right on the bed. I lay down on the bed. I raise my legs very much. Shit and come out of my ass. I am satisfied with the result. Now I can play my shit.


Making a meal of poop and playing with it!

Babette – Shitting Teen

This is the sweetest ever 19 y.o. Girl that did extreme SHIT SEX in front of the camera!!Dont miss that highlight!!