Messy Shitty Anal Scene

The Swing Hd Version(short)

Mistress Michelle is fucking the toilet slave with a strap on, while the slave is watching that a big turd is falling off in front of his face. He has to start to lick the pile of shit while he is fucked at the same time. Then Mistress Michelle has to shit. The hole shit is sweared then over his face, it is a mask of shit.

Mistress Humiliate Her Toilet With Piss Drinking

Today one of my ex-Mistress call me at her home and told me she want to feel good and humiliate me like old times . .. . that’s means she love to abuse me, use my body for her pleasure and of course . . . .toilet slavery ! For that, she make me a CBT and begin with a ballbusting session. After that, she begin lube my asshole, and with my long blue gloves, going deep into my ass with both hands, fisting me like old times ! After fisting, she order me to prepare myself for a hard fucking with her huge strapon !! At the end, after she stroke my hard cock also, she put me in her lobby, and order me to keep my mouth oen wide for her to relieve her bladder. I drink all as usually, and thx to my Mistress for this pleasure.

Wow Is That Hard

So a long sausage feels particularly horny in the ass !!