Mexican Girl Poops

Mistress Giorgia’s Lipstick

Mistress Giorgia is getting tougher with her human toiletThe Mistress today plays in the bathroom and obliges her toilet slave to lie down on the ground.The toilet is completely destroyed and is used as an ashtray, while the Mistress smokes and the stimulus arrives ….The slave’s mouth is filled with piss, the slave struggles to swallow but the Mistress is inflexible and wants his toilet slave to drink everything!Then the poop arrives … the Mistress makes an abundant crap on the slave’s chest, which is invaded by the odors of her Queen.The slave has to clean up the dirty Mistress’s ass, who no longer uses toilet paper but wants the cleaning of his holes to be done exclusively by the toilet.The sadistic Mistress then takes a little shit with her fingers and starts to put the lipstick on the slave … then to clean her fingers obliges the slave to pull out the tongue …Inflexible and severely adorable Mistress Giorgia

She Is Pissing On The Bathroom Floor

She is pissing on the bathroom floor

**scatology Restaurant** Lunch Break!

Imagine a normal life where it’s quite normal. Just another busy day at the office. Once it’s time for lunch, you are released out into the world to chase your deepest desires and you have just the place to fulfill your every need! It is the Scatology Restaurant where you can eat directly from the assholes of the beautiful waitresses that are there to serve you. All food is delivered FRESH and you are ready to EAT! Bon apetit!