Midget That Poop

Francesca’s Rush Explosions!!

Francesca had to really go bad!! She didn’t even have time to prop her camera! Enjoy these two right to the action explosive dumps!! A great POV style clip from Francesca!! Her facial expressions while groaning, grunting, and straining out these FUNKY loads drive me wild! Francesca barely made it to the toilet in these two clips as there is no delay from sit down to exploding!!

Cute Webcam Girl Poo And Vomit

Sexy young girl in first part make some dirty shit for you. She get it with dildo.

Family Scat Battle

Heeeeeey hi!))) How are you doing? ))The new season is nearing the release!) Until then, here’s another super cool video) In it I shit in a condom, smear face and Tits. Licking ass husband, deep Blowjob, he cums on my face!) It was really cool!) I think this video will please you and you will get a lot of fun when watching!) Video contains original audio track, so you can easily hear all the sighs that I make!)

Hand To Mouth Shit Feed

I don’t like touching my own shit because let’s face it, it’s shit and it’s gross. It’s also far beneath me to touch it. I LOVE however seeing my shit in a slave’s mouth. Watch how I take a thick and firm shit into a plate. When my slave came back from the errands I sent him on he stands on his knees as I inform him my asshole is still dirty and needs to be licked clean by him. Watch him eat my dirty ass desperately just to please me. Afterwards he gets rewarded by me taking my own shit with my hand and stuffing it into his mouth. Just to make sure he doesn’t get idea’s I firmly push my hand onto his shit filled mouth making sure it stays in there “melting” slowly. Just another sadistic day in the live of a slave serving Goddess Tempest. Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo