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Caviar Out

A big one in a glass bowl

Shit Pudding Scrub 4 My Pussy

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Poo Pie On A Tray!

I just woke up and gotta poo so bad! I desperately had to go so I grabbed the first thing I could lay my hands on, a lunch tray! Watch as I shit out some nasty soft poop and also piss right into the tray…and guess what? It looks like a nice pie sitting on that tray! I know you guys wanna lick up all the delicious, creamy poop right from the tray 😉

Margo Needs To Pee In Nature

It’s a nice day and the hot blonde babe went out to enjoy the nature. After some hours she really has to pee! Because there is no toilet she decides to piss just on the ground. Slowly she undresses and goes down on her knees. There is no other person near ? only you watching her! She spreads her legs and let the golden nectar flow. Then she takes her fingers and plays with her pussy a little bit ? Ah, that’s much better now!