Milk Shit Piss

Their Ass Really Sweet!

Their ass really sweet! At first the girls walked around the store and selected products for the competition. We decided to hold a contest – which of the girls will eat cranberries faster. Their juicy asses looked sexy, but the fact that they still wanted to shit gave them even more sexuality! They constantly urged me: faster, I want to shit. We held a competition and the girls alternately filled my mouth with their sweet, morning shit!

Anja Shitting On The Table In Full

The sweetiest shitgirl on the Internet – Definately – Exclusive Naturalscatgirls Model!!

Piss For Me

Andy, here comes the preparation for Slipspiele. I piss in a bowl, with a loud, yellow beam lands my champagne in the cup. Look at and listen 🙂

Damn Prune Juice

I was in bed letting one go when I realize it was more than gas. I quickly stood up in time for the mess to land on the floor. I turned on the cam and began cleaning it up and laid out a bed protector. I sit my shitty ass on the bed protector and let go all the piss and poop I was holding it. There is one part that really felt awesome…can you tell what part? At the end I wipe most of the mess on my cheeks, so my robe would not get messy on the way to the bathroom.