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Boyfriend Finally Receives Some Action, But It Includes A Lot Of Piss! – Part 2

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Sexy Garter And Heels For This Shit!

It was the first anniversary of me uploading videos to the internet so I made this clip to celebrate :)That’s something for us to celebrate don’t you think? For you, I dressed up sexy in stockings and garters and heels – just like I know drives you crazy! As for your gift – you watch me shit and smell it and eat it – just like you know drives ME crazy! I push out a big, soft pile of turds, hot and fresh from my plump young ass. I made it special for you so you better enjoy every mouthful fully!A truly sensual experience, very intimate and alluring to have you watch me in my private moments. Thanks for a great first year, hope we can continue to treat each other right ;D

I Can’t Pay My Rent, So My Landlady Pees On My Face! – Part 3

She spreads her legs and commands him to dig in – her cunt needs a lot of eating, she says. Not only that but she pees and shits on my face as well.