Mistres Shiting In Slave Mouth

Wake Up Shit

I wake up in the morning and lounge in my bed. Slowly I already feel a little pressure on the intestine. I wake up my partner with a few strong blows on the butt and put him in our bed so that I can sit over him. First I let him lick my pussy and ass. He is allowed to get out some single pralines of my shit with his finger. They seem to taste it.But suddenly a big turd comes directly into his open mouth. Now he just has to swallow everything. Unfortunately, he is a bit slow again, so I help him with strong blows with paddle and whip. He has at least everything caught clean with his mouth this time without a mess.

Shit Reward For Slave

Usually, before stuffing a slave with my shit, I command him to lick my pussy and my asshole, that I will be emotionally ready and relaxed. With enough good lighting, you can see a close-up – I fill the slave’s mouth with shit and at the same time make him to drink my pee. All this comes out simultaneously and drops drip right down my shit and fall into the throat. In order not to feel discomfort and unpleasant odor, I make the slave to swallow quickly. He realizes that he is JUST a TOILET for me and I will use his mouth later again.

Standing On 2 Chairs!

Come watch as I climb onto 2 dinner chairs and spread my legs and butt cheeks to take a big shit for you! I haven’t done a clip like this before and you’ll absolutely love it 😉 After the poop falls out, I also piss all over the floor…so kinky! I have included 2 camera views for your pleasure…

Dinning Room Pooping!

It’s time to poop again and this time we’re in my dinning room 🙂 Come watch me take a nice shit and piss as I ride my dinning room chair reverse cowgirl style! I have included 2 camera views so you get a real close up of my cute butthole as my scat falls out!