Mistress Anna – Toilet Training Part 1

It is no simple thing to turn a human into a toilet. My videos only show the payoff, but for every minute of fun shitting into what was once a human being’s mouth, there are hours of laborious de-humanization, animal training, psychological conditioning, and punishment. This first video shows how hard I have to work to make available to you the pleasure of seeing the slave used as a toilet. The slave is gradually denied the right to move around as a human being, on its legs, and has to act as an animal. The whip is applied tirelessly to its ass and genitals as it performs acts of worship from the floor. Its whimpers and pleading bring a smile to my angelic face as it cries like a little girl and constantly repeats, “Thank you Mistress, Anna,” the only human words in its vocabulary. What else would it need to say? “No” is forbidden and “Yes” is assumed. I insert a dildo and apply nipple clamps to its chest and then I let the pig worship my bare feet.My beautiful bottomless dress allows you to see both my pussy and my gorgeous ass as I whip the slave into begging submission. My smile is radiant as it, the slave, reaches its breaking point from whipping until I take mercy on it and say the words it longs to hear. “Now it is time to eat my shit,” which is what happens in the next video.

Mistress Anna - Toilet Training Part  1

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Studio: Mistress Anna Toilet