Mistress Anna – Toilet Training Part2

Part 2This video is a feast for fans of my ass, my voice and my face. It is also a feast for the slave, but of a different kind!The whole point of all this hard work on my part is to make the creep into a proper toilet. This video shows me reaping the reward for all my tireless efforts. You get to see me as I sit on the slave, order it to clean my asshole, alternately slapping its balls and jerking its cock. As I order the slave to “lick my pussy” you get to see the facial expressions range through the phases of ecstasy and sadistic enjoyment. I even smile into the camera at times, giving you a knowing smile in the knowledge that you are MASTURBATING your tiny dick while you watch. For the final act of domination I remove the seat and lower my beautiful ass right on to the slave’s mouth. My precious shit goes directly down its throat. As I stand and inspect its obedience the slave almost spits the sacred offering out of its mouth, causing me to slap its face and wrap tape around its mouth, trapping my shit in its skull cavity. The process of encouraging the slave to finish its duty and fully consume my shit requires much verbal and physical encouragement and my facial expressions switch back and forth between fury and mirth. But in the end it is the mesmerizing draw of my eyes and the hopeless desire to please me that brings the slave to fight back the gag reflex and finally swallow. As a reward for eating it is allowed the ultimate privilege of cleaning my ass with its tongue. A feast for fans of psychological domination and lovers of beauty.

Mistress Anna - Toilet Training Part2

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