Mistress Elilah Farts

Shitting Through Pink Hosiery

GODESS NEED A MOUTH UNDER HER ASS TODAY BUT . . UNFORTUNATELLY SLAVES WERE NOT THERE !! So she dress in a sexy hosiery, pink ones, and wanna feel again how her shit is flowing through her hosiery. She is so excited when she do this alone only in her pantyhose and nothing else !!

On All Fours!

I haven’t done a clip of me pooping on my hands and knees in a while! Come watch me get on all fours while I shit out a huge load and piss all over the floor! After pooping, I pick up the scat with my bare hands and dump it in the toilet before flushing…you guys get two marvelous views as I used two cameras from different angles 😉

Miss Mia Piss Slave Girl Isabell 01

drinking Miss Mias devine piss! A very private Piss clip in a private fince on Ibiza!Miss Mia slaps Isabells pussy, when Mia piss in Isabells mouth Isabell squirt all her juice to the floor, then she licks all the piss of her mistress, own squirt and the dirt of the floor!