Mistress Lesbian Piss

Apples For The Slave

Domi takes her slave for a walk, while she finds a pile of shit in the middle of the forest road. She thinks it’s funny to push the sklven skull right in and order him to eat this shit. She pisses herself off over his face to rinse. The loser doesn’t dare to contradict her, so he swallows everything his mistress serves him.

My Private Shit Eater

As I am sitting in my bed I explain very clearly to my slave that i can make all men do nasty things just by giving them some pleasure. As beautiful as I am any slave cater to my every need.. So I tell my slave that this will happen to him today. I tell him to undress, first of all so I can have a laugh of his tiny dick. But he is always doing what I say.. no matter what.. He has a collar that says he belongs to me.. and only me! He has to lay down and start wanking his little rascal, while I hover over him in my panty teasing him with my sexy ass.. I know he is so easily teased by a beautiful Princess like me. I take his dick and start wanking it for him while I start to pee in his mouth.. This should be paradise for my slave.. After all being touched by my Princess hands while I pee in his mouth is a privilege. You can see he is getting harder and harder.. But then again! It is me!  Then I tell him to get ready.. I need to shit, and I push out two large turds in his mouth and face. I am still wanking him while he has my shit in his mouth.. I count from 10 to zero, and he cum as I say zero.. So you see I can make all men shit eaters by giving them a little pleasure. He will remember the sensational feeling having my shit in his mouth gave him forever. So from now on, his only diet will be what is processed through my Princess body. 

Hanna’s Triple P’s

Enjoy two great peeing, pooting, and pooping clips from Hanna!! She was real constipated in the first clip. In the second enjoy as she pees and has a nice discussion about that time of month for ladies. Two great clips at a low price!!!


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