Mistress Mtaking Slave Eat Shit

Diarrhea Shower – Mp4

Do you like diarrhea? If so, this is the clip for you. Victim of abdominal pain and aware of your high level of perversion, I filmed my ass in the same time in which I poured a river of diarrhea in the bidet. What a pity you were not at my house to clean everything with your tongue and saliva!

Pissing Her Panties

Pissing her Panties (JJ000805)


A desperate shit for the holidays.Note: I have reduced the prices. It’s after Christmas and just like my friend Veronica I too am in the giving spirit. Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year. 😉

Going Through Scat Slave Training – Part 1

She urinates all over the girl and makes her drink as much as she can take. She makes the girl smell the moistness of her pussy. The mistress stands up and crushes some food on the floor, pees on it, and rubs the disgusting mixture on the girl’s face.