Mistress Pee Guy Drink

Two Dominatrix Intruders Urinate On Sleeping Man’s Face! – Full Movie

With no man to pleasure them, these two ladies decide to barge into the house of their male neighbor! After they got inside, they strip off their clothes and went to the bedroom where they find the owner sleeping! Without further ado, they take turns smothering him with their crotches! Immediately, he wakes up and tries to fight back, but being outnumbered, he is left succumbing to their domination! Eventually, one of the sweethearts starts urinating on his face! When she is finished, she gives the victim a brief handjob! The other lady then takes her turn to piss on his mouth! When she couldnÂ’t release anymore, the two proceed to get on top of him and make him suffer under their weight! Shortly after, one of them pins him down either by sitting on his face or wrapping her leg around his neck while the other gives him an unwanted handjob! Only stopping when they manage to push him to reach orgasm!

Whistle The Song To Shit Hd P2

The toilet slave has the task to pull the shit out of the bottle into its toilet mouth and swallow down. Mixed with the fat snot of Lady Grace it sucks equally much better in its throat. In between, he has to whistle a song.#

Mistress Gaia – A Big Vision

Always down like a worm, that’s your place, relax yourself and enjoy this wonderful view as only your Goddess can do … Open your mouth and get the food that I offer to you!