Mistress Pee Slave Ass

Mistress Gaia – The Hottest Video Ever Seen

In this video, I will make you understand all the wonderful qualities of my magnificent shit. You will understand how extraordinary it may be, so soft, so fragrant, so exquisitely tasty … so the next time you taste it, you’ll be even more aware of just how lucky you are!!!.

Wet Pants ** Pissing **

I just got out of bed and brush my teeth. The pressure in my bladder became higher as I moved so I could not stop the hot urine anymore. My piss went fully into the pants and ran me rippling on the floor – where my feet stuck in socks and old pines. Do I have to be embarrassed now? My glans now smells full of urine. With toothbrush and toothpaste, I make the times a little clean. Piss with Menthol..wäre a horny invention

Big Shit In My Hand

I unload a long soft snakey poop right in my hand and show it to you.

Poop N Boots!

I know you guys have heard of Puss in Boots but this is Poop N Boots!!! LOL Anyway it was raining outside and I had to put on rain boots so I got this idea…it’s hot, just watch!