Mistress Peeing In Slave Mouth

A Whole Bowl Of Fresh Poop

People have often a distorted idea of the mistresses, unjustly considered as heartless prodommes who are distinguished for their arrogance and bad manners. Conversely, the true dominant lady, has a strong maternal instinct and behave with their slave in exactly the same way as they as they were puppies to feed lovingly. A real mistress can’t leave without food her slave! For this reason, in this clip, you will see Mistress Melissa produce a generous amount of fecal matter in a bowl for her potential toilet slave, for example… you. Please, enjoy your meal: fresh poop for you!

Pee Soaked Jeans And Bed

Julia is wetting her jeans in the bed. She is peeing a river, soaking her jeans and the sheets. Playing in the puddle, she takes off the jeans, squeezes out the pee on her…and pissing again..and again:)

Who Needs A Toilet?

Do you ever get the urge to pee somewhere other than a plain old toilet? I know I do! This day was no exception, so I started out taking a nice long pee in the sink followed by a huge wet fart that sounded extra nasty because of the echo in the sink. Then I found a left over new years hat from our party a few weeks ago and filled that up, then I started refilling one of my slave’s mt dew bottles … those sodas are so bad for him so I will start giving him my recycled pee instead! Last but not least, I was sitting on the couch at the end of the day, answering emails and chatting with my kinky friends and I didn’t feel like getting up so I pulled off my pants and leaned off the couch and just flooded the living room. Mmm felt so good!