Mistress Piss Drinked

Earth Closet

One of my slaves is completely fixed in the floor. Only his face looks out, the only thing he can still move is his tongue. Elaysa uses the same to clean her sweaty feet and I had to piss on a time so urgent that this melee was just right to empty me completely. Domi also used the living toilet to shit. The slave was already completely overwhelmed with so much urine, but what am I, I had to shit still and it still shook him a nice juicy load in the throat.

Open Mouth And Eat Shit

Victoria is shitting and poeeing, farting lot into your mouth!

Fucking And Toilet Slavery With My Girl

In this movie you can see 2 types of domination. First in a hotel room i fuck my girlfriend till she cumm then in bathroom another friend girl is used as toilet and receive a hard humiliation with piss drinking and swallowing from a bowl and licking the toilet. Also a bonus movie with a speculum inside her asshole and pissing right into her ass then she farting expulsing her piss and shit.

Piss And Shitting Scat For Slave No 16

Piss and shitting scat for slave no 16. The slave is made to shit spoon feeding