Mistress Roberta – Another Tricky Day For My Chastity Slave Full

Today my chastity slave is comming back after i already tricked him once that i will release him from his chastity to remove his chastity belt and regain his freedom but i have other plans for him, first of all to tease him with my bare ass and pussy in my pantyhose and i take a condom spit in it and fart in his nose while he kisses my ass.Next i pee in the condom trough the pantyhose and gave him the pee cock to suck after i tell him to lick clean my feet of the pee that was on it and i tell him to bring the potty chair so i can poop in the pantyhose but meanwhile i will fart some more in his face.With the shit in the pantyhose strugling to get it out i order to my slave to come behind me so he can lick the pantyhose where the shit is and after i do some facesitting with the shit inside the pantyhose and after i remove the pantyhose and order him to bring the tray to put the pantyhose and the shit on the tray i take again the pee condom and let him to suck it a while and open it and make him drink all the spit, flegms, pee and i push him to eat all the shit is in the tray he must leave the pantyhose clean but first he must lick clean my ass of the remaining smeared shit .

Mistress Roberta - Another Tricky Day For My Chastity Slave Full

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