Mistress Sado Piss Human Slave

Dirty Shower 2

The girl that brought you Dirty Shower is back with more filth, this time we some nice close up action of her shitting and showing the end product.


New amazing video in the style of SweetBettyParlour!!!A big pile of crap, the stunning visuals, the ultimate cool sound, hot and smearing fresh shit in the face! A worthy addition to your collection!) Stay tuned we have many more tasty!) Love you!

Oishi Sayaka Pooping 2

Oishi Sayaka spreads her pussy lips and releases an explosive loud shit that flies 1 meter away. She pushes again and some more shit leaks out her asshole. Once again she displays her natural facial expressions as she strains to push the shit out. At the end she laughs at how far the initial shit explosion flew, including the cameraman’s head! Multi-angle views.

Toilette Humiliation 55

Toilet Humiliation of the extra class! Bizarr Lady Jessica sits on de loo and eats a bread when its slave Joschi angekrochen comes. He begs to eat something of the bread. And of course a cruelty immediately occurs to the fiendish bizarre Mistress again. It orders to Joschi with the piece of bread of it to clean the toilet. So Dirty slave Joschi needs to clean the toilet mussel with the bread slice everywhere. Lady then still discovers Jessica this below in the loo put remains of her last KV cargo load. This orders immediately to clean it to him also there, the bread beautifully a little still befits from this. Joschi cleans with the bread below in the shit around and then pulls it out of the loo water deeply brownly with a shit covered. The bread on and then still bizarre Lady orders it Jessica to eat up.