Mistress Shit Man Mouth

Mistress Gaia – My Shit On His Face

Finally I can look at the face of this slave with some satisfaction. How is it possible? Simple:I’ve just completely covered his face with my divine shit! He would like to thank me … but he cannot do it; in fact, besides covering his face, I filled also his mouth with my chocolate!!

Shit Lover

On the eve of the new delicacies from the mistress, the slave is ready to lick my dirty shoes with his tongue and swallow my spits. The slave is just my toy and should not have desires and whims. He must do what I want with no end. For example, if I want to get my ass was licked, the slave must do it. So in this video, the slave first licks my asshole and then I shit in his toilet mouth. A stream of my diarrhea drips down his face. He feels these terrible smells and should not be disgusted. But only enjoy and tolerate humiliation from the mistress Emily.

Pooping Adventure!

This lady has gone on a pooping adventure!!! She goes to a park, inserted enema and take a dumb right there!!! You are welcome to scoop it up (evil grin)

Simply Delicious! Fresh Drinking Piss

What is there to drink delicious and perverted in the morning? Right! Freshly pulled Morgenpisse and a whole glass of it voll.Habe me the warm soup taste nice to be ex.