Mistress Shit To Men Slave

Naomi Makes A Shitty Mess

I came home so clogged up that I had to take a enema to cleanse me. In all 3 clips u see me spray shitty water all over my house. Haha I love it!!

Using Scat For Bargaining!

She really wants to buy this car but the price is a little to steep for her. She tries to ask the salesman nicely to lower the price but he’s not budging. So she decides to do something nasty; she knows he likes eating scat so she’s gonna give it to him. Fondling his body until she manages to cajole him into undressing, she makes him lie down the floor and take what’s coming to him. She takes off her undies and sits on his face so he can finger her asshole. After a few minutes, she ejects pieces of shit going straight to his mouth, which he eats with delight.


Oxana is hot messy pooping in sexy tight metalic red pantyhose very stinky!