Mistress Worship Fetish Eat Shit

Slave Ranya – My Little Horny Slut – Mp4

Today, my slave Ranya was allowed to prove wether she is useable for video recordings. She was placed on a chair and pull her huge labia through the bars and rub her pussy on the bars. That made her so horny that she emptied her bladder. Look at her yourself – the little, pissing slut.

Mistress Gaia Oceanic Crap

An oceanic quantity of shit is going to bury you! You will be completely submerged by a sea of shit. Contemplate, on your knees, how much shit my beautiful ass can produce. Get lost in this immensity!………

Watching Tv And Taking A Shit

ur a live in toilet slaveim sitting watching my show and i begin to take a shit i demand u to come eat my shit so i dont have to go to the bathroomi want to watch my show our cat is around as you see in the video and im focused on my show Im in charge i do what i wantu obey so u eat my ass and lick it all uplong thick creamy shit comes out like icecream out a machine

When Fitness Club Turns Into Shitness Part 5

Girls uses Man as her Toilet