Model Shit In Ttub

I Need Your Mouth For A While

Hey babe, come here for a sec, would yah? I need you to do something nice for me. Put your face right up to my ass and hold it there…. you ready? Good! I’ll fill your mouth with massive thick smelly shit and I need you to eat it for me! Oops, it smells disgusting, babe. Let me take videotape at your face. Do you like the taste of my shit? So you like my dirty asshole, too! I can’t keep this shit to myself anymore ?

Caviar Games – Masturbation Of The Naughty Kind

Today I made myself comfortable on a fur. The feeling of the fur made me extremely horny to feel it on the body so I had to get it with a dildo. As a result, my intestine has been properly booted so I had to shit. Sure that my lust was greater and I still worried me further it has come mi.

Mega Shit In The Slaves Mouth With Shit Eating, Piss Drinking And Brushing Teeth With Shit!

And again, a new toilet slave for me. He knows what he has to do, I sat down first with my ass on his face and he had to lick my asshole clean. He was trembling with fear what awaits him. Then I pooped a huge pile of shit in his mouth and on top pissed. He had to swallow everything, then I have his teeth brushed with my shit with a toothbrush. Since some shit still was left, I ordered him to take them and to jerk his cock with it until he splashed.