Models Shitting

Miss Victoria Humiliate Toilet With Diarrhea Feeding

Today Mistress Victoria will use and humiliate the pathetic toilet first. After Mistress Roberta giving him orders to stroke, cumm and swallow his cumm at home, he come to Goddesses and waiting for his fate : to be their receptacle for teir piss and shit ! They prepare to feed him both today, in the morning, and they announce him that he must ingest again 2 diarrheas meals. As usually first one is the guest of Mistress Roberta. Mistress Victoria humiliate the toilet with a foot worshipping scene, using his pathetic mouth and tongue for smelling, cleaning, sucking and licking her soles and feet. She put him on the floor and order him to open his mouth to receive her Diarrhea. She keep insult him, abuse him verbally, all for a good swallowing. She also play with her diarrhea on his body and play with her shitty toilet….Next movie will be with Mistress Roberta feeding the toilet with another Diarrhea meal..NEW !!! Soon a FIRST movie with Mistress Luna, while SHE WILL SHITTING AND EXPULSING A FULL ENEMA INTO SLAVE MOUTH !!!

Girl Eats Hamburger And Pooping. Close-up.

Girl eats hamburger and pooping. Close-up.

Josephina’s Farty Sharty Weekend

Josephina Came back with a great set of quick Farts and sharts – and even a few logs mixed in!! This Gassy latina BBW was putting in some serious work!! All that Barbeque from Labor Day Weekend did a number on her stomach!! Enjoy as she even mixes in a few public scenes for the first time as well!! These are some the best if not the THE best toilet farts this year!!

Rushing To Shit!

This woman is rushing to get in the public toilet as she can’t hold it anymore, she sat down, pisses and pushes out her hold up shit!