Mom And Daughter Pisses

Under My Toilet Chair

See me useing this slave lieing under my toilet chair. It is is a bowl right above his mouth so he cant waste something. He had to swallow all of my devine piss. Before that he kisses and adores my feet. As well as after.#toilet chair #bowl #leather #latex #boots #foot fetish

Slave Slurpped The Poop! – Part 2

The girls take turns squatting over each boy’s head and make them take as much piss and shit as they can. They run a tight ship and they make sure that they boys will obey anything and eat all the scat that comes with the job.

American Girls Into Shit

This is an american extreme SCAT MOVIE CLASSIC.Featuring Lindsay from Las Vegas, a porn starlet in her first scat film when she was 19 y.o.A collectors item!!