Mom Caught Peeing In Swimsuit

Bubblebutt Pov Part 1

After being asked so often, here comes my first POV clip:You see my hot round ass right in front of you. I ask you again, if you are really ready to absorb and to swallow everything. I spread my ass cheeks far and show you where this big pile of shit comes out. I wiggle my ass: how much would you like to lick it now! Then finally I take a seat on your face. I spread my buttocks wide and press hard! Sure you can do it? I keep pushing and the first part ends up in your greedy mouth. In addition, a lot of piss comes along. Sip! I keep pushing. Finally done! Come on, go down with it! I get up and hold my ass in your face. Come on, lick me clean! Your tongue is used by me as toilet paper. Be a useful toilet!

Poop Sessions On Couch Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Mistress Roberta – Tasty Strong Breakfast-pov

Today your Queen is preparing your delicious breakfast in the toilet because the shit is so strong is actually floating on top of the pee in the toilet so you wont have a problem in fishing it out, enjoy!

Is There A Problem Toilet Slave Part 7 Gabi

The Girls just are just busy chatting and use the Convenience of their Toilet Slave underneath them. Part 7 with Gabi. English Subtitles