Mom Eatin Her Sons Shit

Mistress Roberta – Tasty Strong Breakfast-pov

Today your Queen is preparing your delicious breakfast in the toilet because the shit is so strong is actually floating on top of the pee in the toilet so you wont have a problem in fishing it out, enjoy!

I Really Need Pee So This Bitch Peed On My Face

I have this deep fetish for pee but I refuse to drink my own. I ask bitches for supply, like this one right here. She is more than willing to give me a fresh cup so I take the plastic cup in my mouth and makes her give it all to me. She pulls down her panties and squats over my face. She lets out a warm burst of pee, pouring it on the plastic cup. I took it all on and I swallow it gratefully. She drinks more water afterwards so she can give me a second batch.

After Anally Fuck Let Off And Shitted

Here the successor(follower) to part 1 comes really still air and also other(farther) shit from my arse, although I had already shitted in the part 1. So, I have made the camera again in and it went happily(cheerfully) further(farther). even almost the camera angekackt