Mom Pee Ps On Son

Hot Wet Shit After A Tummyache

I had a brutal tummyache! What did I eat? The spicy food, the booze, the caffeine? Who knows, all I know is that I was cramping and it was hot coming out! This one felt amazing to push out of me – and there was lots, it just kept coming and coming! I even repay the shitting closer up a second time so you can really see it and listen to the wet sloppy sounds it makes while sputtering and pushing out of me. After I go and my bellyache is taken care of, I wipe and explore the pile of shit with my fingers. There’s hard turds from the beginning of the shit, then tons and tons of creamy hot mushy shit. It’s a little grainy from food but still lovely to feel.

Goddess Andreea Secured Her Toilet Then Feeding Him

Goddess Andreea was coming home and her slave must obey all her needs. This will include to worship her body, pussy and asshole. She feel so full because she eat with her girlfriends and now she must empty her bowels into her toilet slave throat. To be sure that everything will be ok she secured her toilet on the floor and she will use his mouth and face to feed him her shit.

Smoking Redd’s Stomach Is Fucked Up!!

Smoking Redd is out for that rookie of the year crown!! Good lawd the EXPLOSIONS and noises coming out this little woman never cease to amaze me!!! Like I said she is a PROLIFIC dumper – some days she shits as many times as 5 times a day!! Enjoy in this clip as she does most of her damage in public!! I do mean Dammage! Enjoy as she begins with a stroll to her local pizza spot. Only problem is right before she decides to eat, she gets the sudden urge to take a shit!! Watch as she rushes to put down toilet paper on the seat before sitting down and letting out a quick burst of diarrhea!! She wasn’t done that day as she takes her squirts on to work in two more sharty, farty, and SUPER runny scenes!! Enjoy in the second of the two at work clips as she decides to shake that hot ass of hers and twerk a bit before sitting down for her most explosive scene yet!! The way her asshole opens and expands as she farts and sharts…OMG!!! She said it smelt like “burnt tires” in that bathroom! Then the aftermath in bowl is just WOW! She wasn’t done, Enjoy as she gets home to do another Reverse kanga loose stool dump!. Four action packed scenes loaded with bubbleguts, sharts and farts!! She is turning it up even more with each clip and haven’t even seen her best yet!! This is all from one day!!! Smoking Redd has some VERY SPECIAL

Very Cruel Cbt And Scat Longtime Session

Compassion or mercy this slave will not find in me, but it gives me too much joy to see him suffer. I love guys, whining for grace, but that’s about it. He will then only have to suffer even more. Because that is what I experience, see and want him to feel. Miss Jane enjoys this type of submission as I do. Together we torment his genitals with a particularly nasty treatment. Will he be able to use his balls after that? No idea, I also do not care. Finally, he needs to eat our shit, Miss Jane emptied over his head and lets him swallow everything, then I shit in his mouth and press everything in his throat. Would you like to see us? Then check out this video. *smile*