Mom Poos On Son

Looser P3

The toilet slave, who has applied, is now lying on the floor with the shit in his mouth and looks at the Scatqueens. He can not swallow it. A loser. So that he gets used to the smell and taste, his head is wrapped in foil with the shit in it. Lady Missy shits and pisses again in a bowl and spits on top. The slave gets his ration home and must thank on his knees at the Scatqueens.

Married Man Toilet At The Hen Party

Married man toilet at the hen partyMeet – a new girl – Lassie, 21 years old.This is really a married man! His wife does not know about his passion for serving as a toilet for a group of girls. This time he really suffered greatly, but he likes when girls order him. It was Monday – morning, closer to dinner! Yesterday was the weekend and the girls rested and eat and drink. Many girls themselves were surprised how much they crap. Before serving Lassie, the slave asked for 2 minutes of rest! The girls allowed him to rest and continued. After this, the slave went home to his wife, who even does not know that 5 girls used him an hour ago!

Slave Endures Puke, Piss & Shit Galore! – Part 1

She wraps him in plastic covering to train his lungs to take whatever level of shit, piss, and puke that will be dumped on his face and body. After prepping his lungs for assault, she shoves her fingers down her throat and ejects massive puke from it and straight to his waiting face and body!

Shitting After Christmas Party

Wow, what a hot turd, this was too much food yesterday, a big turd from the christmas turkey…..