Moms Eats Daughter Poop

Mistress Victoria-pot Slave Serving Victoria

Today Mistress Victoria is shitting and peeing on the pot slave ‘s head and spread the shit on his body like a scrub for the slave’s skin and also pushing the shit in his troat so he can swallow all the shit and pee she did so enjoy the clip .

Custom Shit Video

This was a custom video for someone very special.

Peeing On My Car (inside View)

Now I have treated you well long enough, so now it is time to demonstrate my power over you! I will spit on you, and you will enjoy every drop of my precious Saliva! You like it? Good, because I really don’t care.. I will just continue spitting on you..Ohh wait I can think of one more thing you may deserve! I pull my pants down, and look there’s my pussy.. So you know what a pussy can do? Well here is what I want to do with you! I will just piss on you.. from the top, from the bottom.. can you feel my warm, champagne running down your window?Good now you know your place!(This clip was recorded from inside the car)

Bad Santa! Toilet Bowl Pov Pooping And Pissing!

Yes People also a Santa Rosella must times to the toilet. Here you see how I sit on the toilet and first I ask you if you like it when I sit on toilet! Then you see a Huge Monster shit as well as Piss from 2 camera perspectives from the toilet bowl. You really have the feeling that you are lieing with wide open mouth, under my horny shitting asshole and my Divine shit and piss received! Everything commented with DirtyTalk! So you go with me on the Christmas market? I like it and I hope you too!