More Big Poops

Mirror Peeing

I piss on a mirror. Look at my wet horny pussy.

The 50th Time Shit

The 50th edition of shit for the toilet slave. Of course, the big pile of shit is eaten from the toilet slave. But before the slave will be tie up. Then Mistress Michelle starts to fill up the toilet slaves mouth with piss and shit.

Curvy Nicole Shitty Water

After my milk enema I wanted to clean my ass out a little more, so I filled the enema bag 3/4 of water and squirted it out my ass.

Marina’s Hot Strip And Piss Show – Mov

You can tell that Marina knows how to tease a guy after watching her stripping down in the bathroom – but then she gets into the bathtub and starts to piss. In the end there’s a real pee puddle in the bath tub and she cleans her pussy and legs under the shower.