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Lesbian Couple Drinking Each Other’s Piss – Part 1

As soon as this lesbian couple got inside their dormitory room, they kiss and slobber on each other’s lips! They take their time and do it passionately! When they reach the epitome of their urges, they start to slowly strip off their clothes!

The Beginner P1

Mistress Michelle has invited a beginner toilet. She loves to educate new human toilets and use them as a living toilet. Now he is allowed to wait on his knees until she needs the slave as a toilet. As long as he has to kneel in front of her and lick first the slippers and then her dirty shoe soles. She tests the new slave in between, gives him juicy slaps and spits him into his slave’s mouth. He is absolutely submissive and can be educated immediately. That’s how it should be. With a hint, the slave lies down under the toilet chair and waits for his use. The Scatqueen piss the new slave first in his mouth and see if he swallows everything well. The scat part comes in the second part.

Sweet Hungarian Shit

Cari, Agnes and Mischou play shitgames…Sexy girls from Budapest, Sopron and Györ…

Sweet Japanese Teen Gets Some Shit In Her Face

Sweet Japanese teen gets some shit in her face