Morgan Shitting

Mistress Roberta – Tasty Seeds Shit For Breakfast-pov

Today i pee just a bit to wet the paper towels and i poop a nice full of seeds shit looking like a big cupcake and i bet is so good and tasty because it is creamy but not soft and haves different collors here and there you can practically see all the fruits i have eaten and seeds; the smell of your breakfast will call you to eat all i have done for you so enjoy slave!

Sorority Girls Hold Pissing Party! – Full Movie

The fraternity has a neophyte on board and he needs to be initiated. This means letting the sorority girls loose on him and doing what they want to him, no questions asked. For the girls, this is the perfect time to hold their annual pissing party, in which they line up and pee on the poor fellow’s face. His head and face will be soaked in pee and he has to take it all in or get kicked out of the frat.

Outdoor, Slaves For Two, Full Of Piss In His Mouth!

A slave, was outdoor trained by my Mistress girlfriend and me, to a toilet! So we have the slave, pissing first simultaneously in his mouth. That was so much and with so much pressure that he has totally swallowed. While we pissed the slave in his mouth, also repeatedly cyclist drove past. Have waved at them and have lifted our dresses and presented them our wet pussies !!