Most Loveable Pooping

Mistress Gaia – Banana Scat

CUSTOM REQUEST Today a snack really special for you, dear wc. Along with my shit you eat this banana … you love it so much, don’t you? Also look the dirty feet I have! Perhaps before eating your snack you may have the privilege to clean them, we’ll see …

No Time For Bathroom I’m Busy!!

Office worker has a lot of work and she’s really busy while she’s in the middle of something she feels she needed to go to the bathroom quickly but as you do she took her skirt off quickly look out if someone is around then sits on her desk and take a dump…

Candy And Shit Again… What An Odd Combination!

Tenth and last clip for Demetra, our young curvy model. For this selfie video, I asked her to make poop on the new book written by a novelist I hate (for reasons which I prefer not to mention). Demetra – who evidently doesn’t know personally this disgusting writer (and disgusting man, I assure) – didn’t want to satisfy my desire and she preferred throwing shit on her boyfriend’s last gift: inedible pieces of candy. An odd shitty revenge!