Mother Less Piss Cumdump

Mistress Emily – Giant Shit In The Pants

It was very stunning. I’ll shit in the pants and you can see my slippery smelly shit close up. Oh, it looks very desired. Thereafter my toilet slave come to me and kiss my legs and my shoes. I LOVE to watch him squirm to please me. I do not care if he wants to or not, but he needs to sniff my dirty panties and lick my shit off the floor. When he finished cleaning my shoes with his tongue, I poked his face in the shit. I used it instead of a chair, called him humiliating and insulting words, spit in his mouth and piss on him. This video is intended for every toilet slave’s, who dreams of being a toilet for his Mistress.

Double Public Pee

Two horny public nature campaigns in a movie. In the first clip I was in the shopping center in the underground car park and had urgently piss. So off into the trunk and down the panties. There was always a guy walking up and down. But no matter I needed urgently. And in a mega ray I piss off the trunk. And it came as it had to come. One of the tensioners thought he had to get excited and marched directly through the picture. Everything filmed from my selfish perspective. In the second, short clip I piss in the middle of the lively beach promenade on GranCanaria. And in the background the passersby are constantly walking through the picture. More Public is not going !!

It’s Been A While

It’s been a while since I fed You with my shit.So 2 days ago I decided I held my shit, and give you delicious surprise.I can barely hold it with my asshole, so l burst with shit(its not diarrhea). Oh look at you-you have smile on your face.You miss my shit so much.And this perfect view with my big round,bubbly butt above your face.

Vc496- Pantyhose Shit!

Bending over Sophie then begins to push. You see as the poop pushes it’s way out of her butt hole and against the back of her tights. Sophie is just loving the feeling! The warm squidgy poop being held tightly against her butt by the pantyhose, and knowing you can see right through them at every dirty move she makes is turning her on even more!