Mother Less Self Piss

Mistress Gaia – Choke On My Scat – Hd Version

I have my scat slave lying beneath my feet, a smelly slut always ready to eat shit. He requested my presence. So I decided to make him suffer for me. I begin by allowing him some foot & shoe worship. I wear expensive shoes, so he has been warned to do a good job of licking, and sucking on my stiletto heels. If he does a good job of his footworship, I will reward him by allowing him to eat my shit. Standing over him, I tell him to open his mouth and be ready for me. I lower my ass over his face, and relieve myself of a nice pile of my soft shit into his mouth. I watch as it fills his mouth and covers his face. Then I instruct him to swallow it, and make sure he chews on it. Not entirely finished with my slut, I sit on his face and get him to lick my ass clean. With his mouth full, this means he has to swallow and digest my shit. He continues to lick my ass until I’m satisfied. I further reward him with some facesitting, and ass smother, while allowing him to play with his limp cock. As he groans, and squeezes out his watery cum. I leave him to contemplate his next meal of my delicious shit.


Hot pooping in tight pantyhose,fucking ass in nice dress!

Thick Girl In White Stockings Pissing On The Floor.

Thick girl in white stockings pissing on the floor.