Mouth Shittin

Nothing Shit Can Escape

My ass was very full this morning, cause yesterday I ate a lot of food to fill the slave’s mouth. He was already waiting for me in the toilet and was impatient. I shit directly in his mouth with his lips sealed to my asshole, sucking my shit out, but the shit was too big and creamy for his mouth 😉 so nasty, but entertaining nonetheless. I don’t care, he is just a shit hole, my toilet hole! There is some bonus for you filthy toilets as well. You can see what you can never have – my shit covered my ass – is your dream meal.


An explosive poop makes a huge mess of the tripod below!Multiple angles. Close-up ending.

Martina Friend Feces

Martina friend today received a slave, he loves to eat mistress DE feces. The hostess stamped on the bananas, slave lick and clean up the dirty soles. Eat dung slaves.