Mud Shit Outdoor

3 Mistresses Piss A Slave In The Mouth!

Here I pissed together with my girlfriends, mini hotcore and Dirty Priscilla, a slave, after each other AND EXTREME, in his mouth! That was so much, horny women piss, the guy did not manage to swallow everything! Our piss, but has tasted very good to him as he confirmed to us after bottling. Well, would you like to swallow our horny piss,too!?! Then get in touch with us!

Dominatrix Lady Vampira Used Her Toilet Slave In The Rubberrroom

At the end of the FemDom party in the SM Studio Femdom Empire, Dominatrix Lady Vampira needs to piss! Toiletslave Bernd, a loyal slave of the housekeeper for years, naturally likes to be available as a Human Toilet! In the specially built rubber with Toiletthrone may be get really dirty! A bit of nipple torture and trampling must not be missing.

Geneva’s Making Her Mess And Sitting In It Too!!

Enjoy these Two FUNKY, NASTY clips from Geneva! She and Diamond have Fast become ?The Leaders of the New School!? Enjoy as she drops some serious logs in both scenes. She still has some serious aiming problems, enjoy as she accidentally drops two turds on her toilet seat then proceeds sit right down on the second one by mistake!! Lol and unexpectedly funny and sexy event at the same time!! The second clip is just a classic farty, gassy experience from this Pooping goddess!! She continues to make her claim for Funkiest ass around.!!!

I Love Your Scat Mistress P1

Together with Lady Lisa i teach a cheeky toiletslave. First i piss in his mouth and he swallow it all, than i shit in the mouth of the toiletslave. That makes the him so horny that he want to touch himselve. Lady Lisa whip his balls with a riding crop to stop touching himsleve till she have to piss in his mouth too.