Mum Cumfart In Mouth

Special Shower For My Slave

My slave loves my pee and ashes, I passed him both in his useless face and ugly body.

Lesbian Scat At It’s Best

See this scene with one of the best Scat Models ever.

Maisy & Susan Scat

Maisy and Susan have a nice lesbian scat afternoon in the bathroom. They shit and smear the fresh scat over her bodys and faces. They like dirty scat kisses too. So don’t miss this first part of the scene.

Amazing Turkeyday Poopy!

It’s Thanksgiving day and I ate sooo much!!! After the thanksgiving feast at my family’s house I still have to go to work though…and as usual I have to shit! All that food and the poopy is so much I have to shit twice! Watch both videos of me pooping out all the turkey, potato salad, stuffing, cranberry sauce, ham, coleslaw…the poop is pretty amazing!2 vids in 1!!!