Mum Cumspoon Compilation

Ass Suffocation & Pee Through Pantyhose

In this clip I’m wearing a black leather corset, a pair of pink thongs and nude pantyhose. I put a latex mask on my slave’s head, with a circular red opening only at his mouth and I peed in his mouth, through my pantyhose and also on his pathetic cock and balls. I also soaked my feet in pantyhose with my golden nectar and stuffed my feet in his mouth, to taste the flavor of it. At the end, because he wasted the nectar on the floor, I ordered him to sip it from the floor while I pushed him with my feet on his head and kicked his ass

145 Facesitting Toilet Hole

Right after I wake up I have my slave eating my pussy… There are not many things better than morning lick! I love to use my magic wand while he licks my asshole and soon enough I have a powerful orgasm! Oh GOD, this makes my ass so loose that I want to use him as my TOILET! Yes, he is going to take his natural position, which is like a toilet seat for my GODDESS ASS! I want his mouth as close as possible to my asshole, sealed to my hole so nothing can escape! He has to take and swallow everything! You too if you are serving me by any chance toilet! I am using my full weight to keep his mouth right on my asshole and keep feeding him until I am finished! He has to do one last task – cleaning my asshole with his tongue! He is a really good human toilet! But I am sure you can do it better, so write me and beg to serve me a toilet!

Peeing On Her Tits

Peeing on her tits (JJ000497)

I Shit In My Pants

after an enema, I shit in my pants and have a huge orgasm.Quality is not as usual, please forgive! But worth to see!