My Brooke Shitting

Scat Goddess – Ass Fisting And Scat Feeding

Today Scat Goddess feel so horny and in a great mood. She wanna use and abuse a toilet slave and before she use his mouth and feed him, she wax him and fist fuck him with her foot. She enjoy so much to have her legs worshipped, licked, then she put some clamps on slave balls and begin to wax them. She light 2 candles and begin to play with slave cock and balls. After she finish with waxing, she put a latex glove on her foot and begin to shove it deep into toilet slave rectum. She fist fuck his asshole until she feel full and ready to feed him the morning meal. She order her slave to catch all her shit on a plate and prepare his mouth to clean it from plate. She then feed him and play with him and with her shit. Great movie with kinky and bizarre Scat Goddess !!

4 Girls Used Me, As A Living Toilet, In The Swimming Pool!

When I, together with my 4 friends, Dirty-Tina, HollyBanks, AnnyAurora and TexasPatti, was in the swimming pool, all four girls had to piss. So they came up with the idea of using me as a living toilet. So we, five girls, pulled us naked and I had to lie down on the floor, in the pool. Then pissed, one girl after another in my mouth, all 4 use me, as a toilet, and I have swallowed everything, well. See how much fun we had! After all 4 had bottled me, we were caught, by a bath supervision. How we got caught and what happened next, you see in the next part, from our visit to the swimming pool! But I can tell you, that it went so extreme and horny on!

Mad Scat Action. Part 4

What can be more real, more filthy and dirty than insane scat sex,where shit is flying everywhere, pieces of it fly into pussy, month,eyes, and dick is totally dirty, what is more real, fir and sincerethat this? The answer is – nothing. When several people agree witheach other to do something like this – they must be really close, sickminded and perverted from the roots of their nature.Fuck, Kiss, Suck, Shit. Do a lot of shit and than again fuck, suck,lick it, put it in your month, shew, fuck, make shit.On this one Christine helped us and holded camera,So I m proudly presenting you insane, more that two hours video fullof shit.Eat shit with us and enjoy.Lilith.

Any Frost Has To Pee Very Urgently

Any Frost is a really cute one ? and she has to pee very urgently! So she runs to the toilette very fast. She wears a hot black dress ? but soon she has taken it off. And here underwear too of course. She takes everything off until she stands totally naked in front of the toilette. You can see her nice and great breasts now! Then she stands atop of the toilette seat and starts to rub her hot pussy. Still standing on the toilette seat she starts to pee ? while looking very attractive into the camera…