My Girlfriend Shitting And Pis

127. Shit For Breakfast

I dont have much time before work but I have to shit badly! My toilet slave is waiting for his breakfast under my toilet seat. After he kissed and licked clean my dirty feet he is able to lick my asshole and smell my farts. Yes, farts mean that his breakfast is done and coming very soon. – Open your fucking mouth slave and take that hot shit! He cant hold it all in his mouth because it is so big and smelly mmmm. But he cant waste it, my shit is very expansive indeed! I have some piss juice for him too!I really enjoy this but I am late for work so my ass must be clean! -Lick my asshole clean slave, I have to go after 5 minutes, do it now! He is a really good slave and after work, I will give him to lick my pussy if the house and my shoes are clean when I get back.

Feeding My Slave

Taking a shit in my slaves mouth and lets him eat it.

Shit-smeared Maids On Full Display! – Part 1

They shit on a bowl and then use the sticky mixture to mask their whole body! They use enema so that their assholes will produce more feces, the smellier and wetter, the better!

Toilette Humiliation 66

The toilet of Bizarre Lady Jessica is clog up. She therefore calls for her hitting slave of Jonas. The cruel ruler orders him to clear up the blockage with her hand in the loo below. Jonas kneels down and puts his hand up to the goes down no longer deeply into the loo water up to the channel. The shitting remains of the shit of the divine empress still swim in the toilet above.