My Girlfriend Shitting

The Brown Crap And The Pink Sneakers

Today I’ll show you the brown crap and the pink sneakers. I put on my pink sneakers and shit a nice brown pile

Panty Poop And Toilet Session! Princess Millie!

Young and beautiful model Millie brings the slave into the bathroom to humiliate and dominate about him again. She loves when the slave lick and kiss her pretty legs. She goes to the bathroom and takes off her panties. But the slave is waited by a pleasant surprise in pants of the princess Millie. This is a big delicious shit wich the slave must eat from at all. Toilet slave eats all the shit and lick her ass, so that her ass would be clean. After that princess Millie command the slave to lick and kiss her wet pussy and kiss her feet and again to lick her asshole to shine. She spits in his mouth and make him swallow it. This is very delicious domination from young pretty girl. Slave smells fragrant shorts and eats the shit remains. It is delightful!

Funnel Puke! – Part 2

The girls use a funnel to get their puke straight to his mouth. The man was incredibly receptive even with the amount of puke he is being made to swallow.

We Lick Each Others Shit..

wanna try??